Melodic Tones Muazin


By Dorina Luise Schulte


I am sitting outside on a wooden chair in front of the house, watching at all the plants and trees in the garden. It is already dark, but the lamp under the ceiling spends me light and let me see the fresh dark green trees.

Trees with big leafs, like a loaf of bread and leafs which are smaller than thumbnails. The grass is still wet from the last rain. And the raindrops are blinking like silver token in the light.

The flowers have a shining yellow-some of them are already fallen to the stony ground. Ants are running as fast as they can between the stones. The air is fresh. The sky has a beautiful dark blue, almost black. There are some fluffy clouds in the sky, but also some tiny, shining stars. Kids are still playing in the light of the lamp in the small street and laughing.

Sometimes a motorcycle is crossing the street. The noise of the motor interrupts the silence for a few seconds. Then hear the voice of the muazin. His dark voice calls the Muslims to pray the magrib. I stop writing and listen to the melodic tones. It makes me thinking about a book I just read. After fifteen minutes, he is finish and I am back in the garden with my thoughts.

A black and a white cat are playing with each other on the grass. They do not pay attention at me. It seems like I am not there. Geckos are running up the wall of the house very fast. Mosquito's flying around me, just waiting until they can bite me. I feel calm and glad to be outside. Very fare away there is a noise. I can't exactly identify what it is. Maybe it is the noise of an air conditioner.

When I look above me I can see the mosquito's dancing in the ray of light. The geckos are sitting close to the lamp, waiting until the mosquito's landing, so they can catch them with their white, sticky tongue. It is the silence which makes me happy and the beautiful nature with all their animals makes me calm. 


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